I have been in sales and sales management for over 35 years, selling travel, luxury cars, and jewelry. I have lead teams to record sales months, as a sales manager. I took our dealership from dead last (55th) in the region to 1st in CSI.  (customer service index)  My first year in the jewelry business through teamwork, I had over 1 million in sales. I have two boys Nathan and Garrett who played sports from age 5, both through high school and one through college. I've been married for over 32 years to my beautiful wife Dana.  I have lots of stories to tell that relate to teamwork, persistence, preparation, setbacks, comebacks, attitude, passion, growth, fear, and many others.

My newest project #fightthegoodfight, developing a #betterlife, is a great opportunity for you, and your team, to achieve your greatness!

Lets find out how I can add value to you and your team.

steve breiner

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