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I always told my boys when they were growing up that they needed to find a career that they love, because if they love what they do they will never work a day in their life.  I want to tell you a story about my older son, Nathan. He was an avid baseball fan and player. When he was 13 years old his AAU baseball team won the opportunity to play at the Louisville Slugger field, the highlight of their season, but it was never meant to be. The game rained out and they had to reschedule at a local high school field. This team had great successes, but also many struggles. After a team mate committed suicide and their head coach had a major car accident. This was the icing on the cake, another big let down. Fast forward 12 years later my company is sponsoring a game for the Louisville Bats (at Slugger field) and they ask me if I would like to throw out the first pitch. I ask them if my son could. They expected a young boy, not a 25 year old. I explained why and they told his story and disappointment when he was 13.

Announcing on the load speaker "and tonight 12 years later Nathan Breiner is making his pitching debut." What's the significance about his return to slugger field. Had he not been disappointed when he was 13 years old, he probably wouldn't have made that "first pitch" when he was 25. And at 25, Nathan was struggling to find a career in the very competitive sports industry. But at that game he found out about the baseball winter meetings. (that year being held in Nashville Tennessee) Major League Baseball has winter meetings somewhere in the United States every year and every single team is represented. What luck that the meetings are only 3 hours away in Nashville. Every major league team as well as AAA, AA, and single A are there for seminars and teams do job postings and interviews at this 4 day event. It's a four day intense competition for job opportunities. Of course the first day Nathan didn't know how it all worked, but he soon figured it out. The teams each day posted openings and if you were interested in the job you gave them your resume, and then they would contact you for an interview if they were interested. The first day Nathan submitted 8 resumes. No interviews. So the second day he submit 30 resumes. Not a single interview. Very tough competition and Nathan has a bachelors degree in sports management and a masters in sports administration and he was also the equipment manager for EKU football for four years. The third day things are starting to look more grim, there are less postings. He puts in 10 more resumes and he finally gets an interview with the Louisville bats, swing and a miss, he doesn't get the job. So that evening my son called me, three days in, one day left, he's a little bit discouraged.  I tell him to keep swinging and believing and not to give up, because you might not get your opportunity until the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded. The following day the last interview of the day at 5pm, Nathan gets an interview with the Mobile Bay Bears as an assistant stadium operations manager.

He hits it! Now it is very low paying, but who cares, it's the opportunity, his dream, and he knows he will find a way. This is what he has been looking for, he's planning to do such an outstanding job and bust his butt to make a name for himself. He can barely live on what he is making. However a few weeks into the season they need an assistant clubhouse manager, so Nathan starts helping out there, because he is doing such a great job, they give him another job and pay him double, and he gets tips from the players. It's still not a lot, but now he can at least afford to live. So now before the games he is assisting the stadium operations manager and during the games he is in the clubhouse helping with the team. Fast forward a year, he gets promoted to stadium operations manager, gets a raise, still not making a lot of money, but he's doing something that he loves to do. This is the exciting part for me. Nathan tells me "dad I get up every morning excited, I don't have to go to an office building, I don't have to go to a construction site, I don't have to go to a restaurant or the mall, dad I get to go to a stadium to work everyday "

When the Baybears are in town Nathan goes in at 9am, the games are usually at 705pm and he doesn't get off until midnight, but he loves his work, and I know the future is so bright for him with more opportunities coming. So I'm going to ask you to be your greatness today and everyday. It doesn't matter what you did yesterday, it doesn't matter what's going to happen tomorrow. Be your greatness today, Some days it will seem like nothing is happening, that you don't get any interviews, any chances, any opportunities, keep being your greatness, get a little bit better every single day. Some days you'll get your opportunities and you will fail, but be your greatness today, anyway. And if you keep persevering, you keep pushing, you keep growing, you keep doing your best every single day. keep your priorities in order, fight through adversity, someday you will get your opportunity .......... And when you get your opportunity ......BE GREAT

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The truest way you'll be happy is if you're actually using your talents and doing what you love.  Following your dreams can only happen if you are willing to grow and change and get out of your comfort zone.  You must develop #winninghabits.  It all starts with a decision.  Learn about finding your dream, developing your belief.  Figuring out where you are, and doing it all with a positive winning attitude.  Your growth will require relentless preparation, daily action, learning about how to reflect.  It is all about changing your habits to winning ones!

#winninghabits the solution to a #betterlife.  Are you happy?  Are you in a rut?  Do you believe your above average, but you don't know how to get better?  Are you an introvert, type B personality or an extrovert, Type A.  Do you want to have fun, better relationships, healthy, happy, and successful.

​The time is now to become your best YOU!  Your greatness.

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